Art as Science

Biology is a science that renders itself perfectly fine to ART through graphics, drawings, images, sculpture, even music inspired by genetic information.

Gunther Graphics     

Tim Gunther is a San Diego artist and marine biologist creating fine art  and scientific illustrations from biological specimen.



Julian Voss-Andreae

Julian Voss-Andreae is a sculptor who developed a model of cutting and pasting one-dimensional objects to recreate the inner organization of biological macromolecules, mostly proteins. A physicist by training, he visualizes the molecular shapes that drive all functions of living organisms.

Compare his art to the way scientists have modeled structures of proteins and DNA before the age of computer but also how computer visualization is shaping the perception of the microscopic world of atoms:


Protein music is based on the linearity of genetic information encoded in protein sequences, i.e., a sequence made of any numbers of 20 amino acids, the alphabet of protein structures. We say that a protein sequence contains information, genetic information, that is translated into a spatial organization (see protein sculptor Julian Voss-Andreae). Protein sequences can also be viewed as language, here the language of music. There are many sites on the Internet. The links below are two of the more interesting ones. The first one let's you create music to your favorite gene/protein.

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