Guide for college students


Learning at a college puts YOU in charge of your education. To be successful, you have to be proactive. And you have all the resources available to be successful. Resources come in many forms, from instructor office hours, student tutoring, writing and math workshops, career counseling, personal counseling and financial support through scholarships and grants.

Talk to your professor about your interests, about your goals, your classes and your future. They will be more than happy to point you in the right direction, help you identify the support you may not even know is available, write a letter of recommendation when the time comes to move on, to help you find internships to get hands on experience in the industry you want to work, but most importantly, to show you the human side of learning.

Taking charge of your education empowers you, improves your self confidence and sense of accomplishment.Follow these simple rules in no particular order:

Do not expect your professor to do the work for you.

Read, read, and read again.

Ask, ask, and ask again.

Get enough sleep.

Practice what you learn ... the most important step in learning.

Think of education as a prolonged practice of thought.

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