Issues in Biology

The Biological Sciences have undergone tremendous changes over the last 100 years and yet there are many unresolved issues in biology. These issues are central to life and have resisted clear answers from biology and medicine. Why are these answers hard to come by? There are several reasons. Some answers address singular events, such as where does life come from. Others defy prediction, a central tenet in the sciences. Prediction means that we have a factual understanding of the relationship between the physico-chemical and behavioral nature of living organisms. This knowledge allows us to test hypothesis and find quantitative answers. Besides the better known issues relating to the mystery of the mind, consciousness and sleep, there are various particular problems with which biologists are still struggling to find mechanisms. These include the nature of genes, complexity regarding physiological process such as the immune system (which is at least as complex as the brain) or molecular aspects of protein folding. The latter is central to the big question in biology; how do genes store information of the physiological structure and function of organisms?

Complexity in Biology

What Connects the Mind with the Body?

Sleep, Dreams, and Consciousness

What is a Gene?

Is Biology a Statistical Science?


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