Intelligent Design is really about a Creator


Proponents of Intelligent Design Theory say that their’s is a scientific theory and that ID is not about religion or creationism. Here are some sample statements by proponents of ID that suggest otherwise:

“If Darwin is right, then life develops all on its own and God is out of a job. Do you want God to be out of a job?” (Lee Strobel, in: The Atlantic Monthly, May 2005, p.75 as cited by Henry Levy in “On America”)

“Yet recent developments in the information sciences and within biology itself now imply the need to rehabilitate this lost way of knowing [the presence of mind]. As we do so, we may find that we have also restored some of the intellectual underpinning of traditional Western metaphysics and theistic belief.” (Stephen C. Meyer, Directory of the Discovery Institute; in: DNA and other designs, First Things 102 (April 2000): 30-38.)

"The view that all aspects of reality can be reduced to matter and its various particles is, to my mind, as much a metaphysical position as the view that an organizing intelligence created and controls reality." (A quote from the 14th Dalai Lama)

"The truth of faith about creation is radically opposed to the theories of materialistic philosophy," (a quote from John Paul II), (both quotes in: New York Times, For the Anti-Evolutionists, Hope in High Places, By GEORGE JOHNSON, Published: October 2, 2005 )

“It is the specific claim made by neo-Darwinism […that evolution is driven by natural selection acting on random mutations, unpredictable and purposeless process that “has no discernible direction or goal, including survival of a species”…] that intelligent design theory directly challenges.” (Discovery Institute, Seattle , Washington , Top Questions; )

It’s just that it’s on the road to where we want to see the system end up—on the road to a distant target. That, of course, is intelligent direction.” (Michael Behe, Professor of Biology, Lehigh University ; Discovery Institute Fellow) (see Lehigh Dept. Biology position on ID)

 “Anatomy is quite simply irrelevant. So is the fossil record.” (Michael Behe, in Molecular Machines, Cosmic Pursuit, 1998)

Best yet; go watch Expelled, the pro ID movie/documentary by Ben Stein, because:

- Ben Stein's docudrama is the best proof yet that intelligent design proponents are all about religion.

- it is a heavy-handed comparison between scientists and totalitarian regimes suppressing dissent and "killing the weak" as inspired by Darwinisms.

- it shows leading evolutionary biologists bashing religion insinuating that teaching Darwin's Theory of Evolution has the goal of eliminating religion (by oppressing the work of intelligent design scientists).

- demonstrates that the movie is not about the science of evolution, but the metaphysical and social implications of Darwins theory or in the words of Ben Stein “Neo-Darwinian Materialist Theory”


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