Intelligent Design is not Science


Proponents of Intelligent Design (ID) Theory, i.e., creationists, say that theirs is a scientific theory and that ID is not about religion or creationism. Find out what proponents of ID have to say that suggests otherwise.

Read a SHORT GUIDE explaining the difference between evolution as a scientific theory and intelligent design theory as a theistic belief.

The leading proponents of Intelligent Design (ID) as a scientific explanation of biological evolution are fellows at the Discovery Institute. They are focusing on the question of complexity and information in biological systems, without doubt one of the most important and intriguing question to be answered in modern biology. Questions about complexity and information have been and are being addressed scientifically, based on the laws of physics and dynamics of chemical systems, and will show that the presence of an intelligent mind is not required to evolve complexity. Knowing that most supporters of ID not affiliated with the Discovery Institute are Christian Evangelicals who in the past were ardent advocates of creationism, the scientific community should be happy to hear their answer to the following question:

“Should public schools require the teaching of intelligent design? No.” (Discovery Institute)

This thoughtful approach by the Discovery Institute makes sense. In fact, intelligent design should not be discussed in biology as scientific theory, but can and should be discussed as a theistic and thus non scientific explanation of the origin of life. ID can be discussed in the context of the history of thought together with arguments by Lamarck or David Hume. What such discussion will show is that natural theologies were part of the historical development of evolutionary theory.

Creationism is not the sole domain of Christians, but shared by many other religions, in particular Islam, where creationists view are common. In many countries, biology texts include a reference to Allah as the creator of all beings. A most ardent promoter of creationism in the islamic world is Adnan Oktar who publishes his Atlas of Creation. His views can be found here.

What is a scientist to do? A point for scientists to remember is that evolution is real. The efforts of religious fundamentalists to counter the teaching of evolution by natural processes rather than a Creator are motivated by sincere objections as viewing humans as 'just an other animal'. The primary objections by many fundamentalists, however, is the insult they feel by the idea of being the 'descendents of apes'. Thus, read this short guide explaining the difference between evolution as a scientific theory and intelligent design theory as a theistic belief to be better prepared to argue in favor of Darwinian evolution.

Read our recommendations of books by Ernst Mayr, a biologist instrumental in shaping the modern synthesis of Darwinian Evolution, the very theory questioned by intelligent design proponents as offensive to human dignity. His latest book 'What makes biology unique?' is one of the best short volumes to explain the validity of the theory of evolution. Read about the issues surrounding the making of a 'synthetic cell'.

Read the complete work of Charles Darwin in its original form.

On December 20, 2005 a US Federal Court declares Intelligent Design (Creation Science) unfit for public school science classes! Read Court Opinion | Dover Trial Chronology and Transcripts

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