The Biology of Life


Modern biology is a great intellectual adventure that tries to understand the molecular underpinnings of life. What living organisms are made of, how they operate, how they get their energy, how they reproduce and of course how they have evolved from primitive forms to the astounding modern diversity of forms and function. These pages give you a summary of the main 'chapters' in a biologist's book. Enjoy the reading and explore more here and elsewhere.

Life can be studied as a hierarchical systems Biologists use scientific principles to study living things
The chemistry of life Cell structures
No life without energy No life without enzymes
Life operates in small steps All cells come from cells (the life cycle)
Asexual reproduction and mitosis Sexual reproduction and meiosis
Genetic variability is the result of random mutations Mendelian genetics and patterns of inheritance
Molecular biology of the gene Evolution - the unifying principle in biology
Evidence of Evolution Mechanisms of Evolution

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