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The book reviews posted here are based on a selection of books which considers relevant to the conceptual issues in the life sciences. They include books about biology, philosophy of science, science literacy and education. Each section contains a listing of authors, selected book titles with links to individual reviews. We welcome suggestions, comments, and contributions to this book review collection.

  • Biological Sciences
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Science Literacy
Environment Lomborg, B. The Skeptical Environmentalist
    Cambridge UP, 2001
Environment Thompson, K.

Where Do Camels Belong?
   Greystone Books, 2014

Evolution Paul Davies The Demon in the Machine
   allen lane, 2019
Evolution Dawkins, Richard The Blind Watchmaker
   W.W.Norton&Co, 1996
Evolution Gould, Stephen J. The Structure of Evolutionary Theory
    Belknap Harvard, 2002
Evolution Gould, Stephen J. The Mismeasure of Man 
    Norton; 1996, 1981
Evolution Gould, Stephen J. Ontogeny and Phylogeny 
    Belknap Harvard; 1977
Evolution Jablonka, E. & Lamb, MJ. Evolution in Four Dimensions
    MIT Press, 2005
Evolution Hoffmann, P.M. Life's Ratchet
   Basic Books, 2012
Evolution Koonin, Eugene V. The Logic of Chance
   FT Press, 2012
Evolution Pross, A. What is Life. How chemisry becomes biology.
  Oxford UP, 2012
Evolution The Botany of Desire
    Random House, 2001
Evolution Reich, D. Who we are and how we got there
   Vintage Random House, 2018
Evolution Zuk, M. Paleofantasy
   Norton, 2013
Evolution Zimmer, C. Evolution: The triumph of an idea
   Harper, Perennial, 2002, 2006
Microbiology Microbes and Man
    Cambridge UP, 2000
Biology Zimmer, C. Microcosm
   Pantheon, 2000
Biology Morton, O. Eating the Sun. How plants power the planet
   Harper, Perennial, 2007, 2008
Biology Buehler, LK. Cell Membranes
   Garland Science, 2015
Biology Chamovitz, D. What a Plant Knows
   Farar, Straus and Giroux, 2012
Mind - Body Molecules of Emotion
    Touchstone, 1997, 1999
Nutrition: West meets East
    Trafford, 2002
Nutrition Pollan, M. In Defense of Food
    Penguin, 2008
Neurobiology Herculano-Houzel, S. The Human Advantage
   MIT Press, 2016
Evolution Bejan, A. Design in Nature
   Doubleday, 2012
Evolution Bejan, A. The Physics of Life
   StMartins, 2016
Evolution Mayr, E. The Growth of Biological Thought
    Diversity, Evolution, and Inheritance
    Harvard UP 1982
Evolution Wilson, E.O. Consilience. The Unity of Knowlege.
   Vintage, 1998
Biology Mayr, E. Toward a New Philosophy of Biology
    Harvard UP, 1988
Biology Mayr, E.
What makes Biology Unique?
    Cambridge UP, 2004
Reductionism Novartis Foundation The Limits of Reductionism in Biology
    J.Wiley, 1998
Reductionism Nagel, T. Mind & Cosmos
   Oxford UP, 2012
Life Schroedinger, E. What is Life?
    Cambridge UP; 1996, 1967, 1944
History Schroedinger, E. Nature and the Greeks
    Cambridge University Press; 1996, 1951, 1954
Humanism Cassirer. E. An Essay on Man
    Yale UP; 1972, 1944
Logic Cassirer. E. The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms
    Vols. 1-3; Yale UP; 1955
History The Golem
    What everyone should know about science
    Cambridge University Press, 1998
Science Deutsch, D. The Beginning of Infinity
   Viking, 2011
History Hampshire, Stuart Spinoza and Spinozism
    Oxford University Press, 2005
Method Fleck, L. Genesis and Development of a Scientific Fact
    U of  Chicago Press, 1979, 1981
Physics Gleick, J. Chaos. Making a New Science
   Penguin, 2008
Science Kitcher, P. The Advancement of Science
    Oxford UP; 1993
Sci-fi Kurzweil, R. The Age of Spiritual Machines
    Penguin Books, 1999
History Lehrer, J Proust was a Neuroscientist
    Houghton Mifflin, 2007
Politics Oakeshott, M. Rationalism in Politics and other essays
    Liberty Fund; 1991
Politics Ridley, M. The Rational Optimist
   Harper Collins, 2010
Consciousness Penrose, R. The Large , the Small and the Human Mind
   Cambridge University Press, 1997
Technology Petroski, H. The Evolution of Useful Things
   Vintage; Reprint edition, 1994
General Rorty, R. Objectivity, Relativism, and Truth
   Vol. 1; Cambridge UP; 1991
Essays on Heidegger and Others

   Vol. 2; Cambridge UP; 1991
Technology Turkle, S. Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet
    Touchstone Books, 1997
Mathematics Wolfram, S. A new kind of Science
    Wolfram Media, 2002
Mathematics Mandelbrot, B. The fractal geometry of Nature
   W.H.Freeman, 1983
Anthropology Raffles, H. Insectopedia
   Pantheon, 2010
Economics Taleb, N.N. Antifragile
   Random House, 2012
Literacy The Myth of Scientific Literacy
    Rutgers UP; 1995
Education Building a Bridge to the 18th Century
    Knopf; 1999
Education Hersh, R. Declining by Degrees: Higher Education at Risk
    Palgrave MacMillan; 2005
Education Kamenetz, A. The Test
   PublicAffairs, 2015
Cognition Kahneman, D. Thinking, Fast and Slow
   Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2013
Language Ravitch, D.
The Language Police: How Pressure Groups Restrict What Students Learn
    Knopf; 2003
Education Ravitch, D.
The Death and Life of the Great American School System
    Basic Books; 2010
Education Pestalozzi, J.H. The Education of Man
    Greenwood Publishing Group; 1969
Education Gutek, G.L. Pestalozzi and Education
   Waveland Press; 1999
Finance Mauboossin, M.J.

More than you know
   Columbia Business School Publishing

Literacy Gladwell, M Outliers: the story of success
   Little, Brown and Co.; 2008
Education Collins, P.H. Another kind of public education
   Beacon Press; 2009

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