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Molecules of Life
Images of Biological Molecules
What is Metabolism?
All about Cell Membranes
How Drugs are Discovered
Of Nutrition and Food

"Practitioners of artificial intelligence tend to think that if you can build a machine that behaves intelligently, then it really is intelligent. The Turing Test is an explicit statement of this mistake." "Conscious humans and animals have intrinsic information but there is not intrinsic information in maps, computers, books, or DNA, not to mention mountains, molecules, and tree stumps." (John R. Searle, in 'What your Computer Can't Know', The New York Review of Books, Oct 9, 2014)
Issues in Biology
Where does Life Come From?
Complexity in Biology
The Mind-Body Connection
What is a Gene?
Is Biology a Statistical Science?

Book Reviews
The Test, by Anya Kamenetz

Where Do Camels Belong? by Ken Thompson

Biology and Society
Genetically Modified Food?
Stem Cell Research
What is Cloning?
Man & Machine & AI

Tital graphics
Intended for the Advancement of Public Understanding of the Biological Sciences

What is Life
presents conceptual thinking in biology. While many current issues in biology are based on simple ideas, the elucidation of biological mechanisms that explain diverse aspects of life is challenging because cells and organisms are complex systems. To understand how biologists study the structure and function of living organisms one has to understand the relationship between experiment and theory. Such an understanding amounts to scientific literacy.


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